Credit Controller Vacancies at Cartrack 2022

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Credit Controller Vacancies at Cartrack 2022

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As a global leader in stolen vehicle tracking and recovery systems, Cartrack is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of its clients.


Cartrack is a leading global provider of data analytic solutions for mobile asset management, asset recovery and workforce optimisation based on a proven Software-asa-Service platform. Fleet management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and insurance telematics services remain its core business, with a focus on technology development to enhance customer experience. The company is a service-centric organisation focusing on the in-house design, development and installation of telematics technology and data analytics.

Cartrack’s technology is widely accepted by motor manufacturers and insurers. Its customer telematics web interface provides a comprehensive set of features ensuring the optimisation of both fleet and human resources. As an expansion of its integrated service offering, Cartrack also provides driver risk assessment offerings in the insurance telematics field.

To ensure efficient, collection of company debtors in accordance with Company laid down approved procedures.Responsibilities

  • Monthly/daily invoicing of clients and ensure each client has been invoiced in correct currency
  • Sending out statements and invoices on monthly basis
  • Preparing all clients reconciliations on monthly basis
  • Contacting clients when payment is due/overdue including daily client visitations
  • Preparation of proforma invoices three months before billing date and follow up with a phone call
  • Contacting clients and inquiring for the next invoice
  • Agree a payment plan with clients who are struggling to pay. Ensure the payment plan is documented.
  • Preparation of debtors aging report to check credit records and follow up
  • Preparation of reconciliation report for debtors
  • Setting up and maintaining client files
  • Visiting debtors to collect payments (known as field collection’)
  • Tracing missing debtors
  • Starting legal proceedings if debts are not paid within an agreed time
  • Liaising with Credit bureau, bailiffs and debt counselors where necessary

Credit Controller Vacancies at Cartrack 2022

Experience And Qualifications

  • Accounting related degree
  • Reconciliations experience


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Cartrack Offers attractive salary to workers as a motivation for work, also covers Insurance. For those with bachelor degree have more advantage in wining this positions.

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