Education Team Leader at World Vision

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JOB PURPOSE (Limit 750 characters)
To provide technical leadership and coordination of all Education interventions for WV Tanzania to ensure the realization of Our Promise. The incumbent staff will lead the development of all Education technical approaches for the NO. S/he will actively pursue resource mobilization strategies for the sector, lead on proposal development, writing and process management. S/he will lead external representation to donors and government and maintain an externally orientated situational awareness of national Education priorities to ensure that WVT is prepared for appropriate sectoral responses. S/he will support the roll out of Education in new grants and APs and manage the Education Technical Program in all clusters. S/he will conduct capacity building and technical backstopping and monitoring of Education interventions.
Will uphold the core values of World Vision.
  • Technical Leadership for program quality and program management
  • Program Implementation
  • Contribute to overall WVT strategy; ensure Education priorities are adequately and accurately reflected in national strategy
  • Develop Education technical approaches, ensuring alignment with WVT strategy and regional and global sectoral priorities and cross-sectoral considerations
  • Develop systems and processes to support WVT Education programs have consistent approaches
  • Ensure ongoing improvements to education TA/TP design to ensure it remains relevant to context, incorporates innovation, by receiving and analysing field-level information
  • Develop and/or contextualize models, methodologies and tools for education programming implementation
Quality Assurance
  • Review Education related reports, Education TA, TPs and AP plans for quality.
  • Regular monitoring, supervision and evaluation of Education programs to ensure quality implementation. Includes technical backstopping, reflection, lessons learned events, etc., to ensure programming on track
  • Ensure AP designs are aligned to TP,
  • Ensure implementation meets minimum standards
  • Participate with DME team in designing, redesigning and elaborating logframes for Education programming.
  • Ensure standardization of Education indicators and project models across projects
End Results
  • WVT Education technical approach aligned with regional and global sectoral methodologies and tools, and represents the best strategies to address of Tanzania contexts.
  • Quality assurance of Education programming in NO ensures that models and projects are implemented with fidelity
  • Field staff involved in Education programming are supported to understand sectoral technical approaches and minimum standards, and provided with practical guidance to achieve high standards of programmin
Resource Mobilization and Proposal Development
  • Preposition WVT for grants in Education technical sector, working with national GAM team
  • Mapping of donors in Education; understand donor expectations, technical priorities and key strategic approaches
  • Track multilateral, bilateral and local funding programs to access resources
  • Prepare concept papers and proposals for grant acquisition
  • Prepare detailed Education sector capacity statements for WVT
  • Ensure that all aspects of the project development, funding applications and proposals are accurate and professionally prepared
End Results
  • There are increased relevant grant opportunities identified for WVT and are in the grant pipeline
  • Proposals submitted are technically sound
Support to EDUCATION Staff and partners
Capacity Development
  • Assessment of NO Education staff capacities/ competencies
  • Prepare Manuals and guidelines for staff and community training in Education
  • Facilitate capacity building of staff on Education technical modules, through trainings, workshops and technical backstopping
  • Conduct trainings at ToF/TOT level in select Education project models
  • Assist in capacity building of local government, CBOs, CPGs, Church/FBOs, and other community groups
Team Performance Management
  • Provide leadership, support and technical guidance to field staff in implementation of Education programming
  • Technically supervise Education Grant Managers and AP Education technical staff
  • Conduct field visits to provide on site support
  • Participate in recruitment and hiring of Education technical staff, together with P&C
  • Supervise Education technical team staff
End Results
  • NO Capacity in the Education sector is improved in an incremental and progressive manner to meet internal standards and external expectations
  • Education staff are managed effectively to produce high quality programming
  • Education staff are managed ethically according to WVI standards
Learning and Evidence Base Development, Dissemination and Knowledge Management
  • Identify and implement opportunities for research to enhance learning and build the evidence base/generate evidence, ideally with academic partners.
  • Spearhead research, documentation and reflection exercises for learning in collaboration with other sector specialists.
  • Collect, document and disseminate field best practices, case studies and success stories
  • Develop conference abstracts and/or publications based on learnings and best practice
End Results
  • Learning from WVT Education programs is maximised, synthesized and disseminated to relevant internal and external audiences
  • Results of WVT programming can stand up to external scrutiny and make a meaningful contribution to enhancing our reputation with donors and supporters and attracting additional resources
External Representation
  • Incorporate local-to-national Education advocacy and campaigning in Education Technical Approach and programming, with assistance of advocacy team
  • Accompany advocacy and SLT members to meetings with Education departments
  • Provide technical input into policy briefings/ensure quality of advocacy product content
  • Understand and include advocacy staff in Education TAs and TP
  • Obtain evidence from Education programs and data from CVA to inform policy at sub-national and national level and to be used in government relations
Networking and Partnership
  • Represent WVT at external workshops, technical forums, etc, engaging with MoE and other relevant ministries, donors and other Education partners.
  • Ensure WVT is recognized as a prominent actor at all levels;
  • Networking with MoE, contribute to Tanzania government strategy or national plans and strategies
  • Develop strategic partnerships with private sector with more intentional engagements with private sector/corporates
  • Compile updated fact sheets on Education programming to support the partnering and external engagement teams.
End Results
  • WVT influence on the Education agenda to external partners, donors, academia and civil society organizations, is strengthened in the Tanzania
  • WVT has a recognized and increasing profile with donors, Government and other partners
Core Values and Stewardship
  • Provide spiritual support to staff of the Division and reinforce the core values to enable understanding of the WV operations and culture.
  • Manage the WVT material and financial resources to ensure Stewardship and accountability in Program Quality and Strategy Division.
Required Professional Experience
The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-Education, prior experience or on-the-job training:
Minimum Qualification required:
  • A deep knowledge of the Education issues that affect the country, with significant Education experience
  • Knowledge and skills in Education data management/monitoring & evaluation
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, time management, demonstrated leadership and good management ability
Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification
Master Degree in Education or related field, with at least 5 years practical experience in Education programming with a reputable organization
Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications
  • 5+ years experience in Education programs
  • Proven experience in managing Education projects
  • Experience leading and managing a professional technical team
Language Requirements
English and Swahili
The deadline for submitting the application is 24 December 2021.

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